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I’m Paul O Mahony, the guy who set up this blog for Karen. I just thought, I might let you know about some of the features of the blog, in case you are not that familiar with blogging. Here is a video explanation of commenting on blogs(brought to you by snifles video productions):

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Now, you can also subscribe to this blog by email and some of you may wonder why, when you are already receiving the NOTICEBOARD email. I explain why in this video:

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That’s it for now. Will talk about upcoming events and online forums in my next post.

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#1 admin on 09.13.07 at 11:32 pm

The noticeboard will cover many aspects of the craft industry and dates of events, I will try not to bore you with the same information twice!

#2 Debbie on 09.16.07 at 9:37 am

Your input for driving craft as a business is certainly help moves with the CCoI. The retail outlet initiative for Dublin will shortly be announcing its progress to date, so we’ll need to gear makers to start creating for sales. I’m putting together a document to help them structure costs and manage their project-time efficiently. Debbie

#3 handmadegiftsbyliz on 02.26.10 at 10:07 pm

i have crafted for more years than i can remember, even while working full time, now that i am retired i want to establish my self as someone who knits,sews,crochets to a very high standard and items of top quality, my items are fully handmade by myself, pretty, practical, value for money and above all made with love for what i create, i make from pin cushions to christening sets, i alway have stock in place, i started my website at xmas and at present only have a few items on display, i will by march 10th have more items, in different catagories and hopefully it will be alot more inviting to people, i need help from anyone out there who can advise me on how a one person cottage industry can find out about craft fairs, shows etc, maybe shops who would be interested in a sell or return basis, i can also take on small orders of multipule quanties if needed, commissions are also welcomed. i live in ennis in county clare, but can cover limerick,clare, galway, mayo and sligo as in summer months i send a lot of time in mayo at my mobile home.
i hope this is ok for a first attempt at blogging, this is all new to me and i not of young years tho my mind is but i will try anything, my aim is to get this little industry running for myself to give me a fuller retirement , a more enjoyable one doing what i have always wanted to do and love now that my family are rared and there is only me and my partner and 12 paws, i jack russell and 2 jet black cocker spaniels. hoping you all dont think this is long winded, can comments or emails will be answer best of luck to all Liz.

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