Starting out….selling at Fairs!

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The best thing to do is just start.
Find a fair and once you have been accepted then I would recommend having a variety in your price range.  Always an expensive piece as you never know who will walk in the door…it also shows that you are able to make commission pieces and shows your worth.
I always have some pocket money pieces, these are easy for someone to buy on impulse and can be your bread and butter for the day, paying for your stand and hopefully a bit more.

You will learn as you go, what sells, what is most popular, what people pick up and put down quickly when they find out the price!  or what sells out quickly because it is price perfect and appealing to the customer.
It is really up to you, if you find nothing moves but people compliment everything ask them, is the price what you expected etc.  You are there in front of your customers, have the guts to ask their advise!

The recession is a hard place to sell items that are not ‘necessary’ so if you can possibly make pieces that have a need, like a clock, candle holder, advertise as a beautiful and unique wedding gift, gift wrapped and ready to go, home ware, something to wear etc.

People want something that can benefit their lives or make them feel good, and its up to you to make that happen.

Everyone will have their own experience and just getting out there is the best way to learn what you need to do next.

Best of Luck

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