You’ve set up a Website.. What next?

Irish Craft Update is up an running now. We have made some posts. The question is now, how do we get visitors to the site.
Well we are already getting about 20 to 30 unique visitors each day as a result of certain things we have done. We have let other craft bloggers know about our […]

Rio Grande - Boxes, Packaging, Display

If you are looking for boxes, tissue paper, bags, bows, ribbons, display units then why not look up Rio Grande
You will find their stock is far superior then most, and their prices are good.
The company is a jewellery wholesalers and their display and packaging catalogue is fantastic! It is an American company and […]

Blogging..I just didn’t get it!

When this blog thing began in my life, I though what’s the point! I am not a money driven business person, so I wasn’t looking where the profit could be made…but I just didn’t get it!
ANYWAY, now I feel that if I just had ten minutes I could shut the work room door […]

Series on how to Sell Art Online

Karen has asked me to do a series on the selling of Art online. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in this area, but I do know a lot about the newer generation of websites that I believe will be of great benefit to artists. A lot of these websites focus on making […]

Weekly Markets in Dublin

Irish Craft workers can benefit greatly from working in markets.
After four and a half years at market stalls, one tends to get a good
sense of what works and what doesn’t, plus you can hear peoples
comments first hand! (naturally I grew a very thick skin, and
realized that everyone has very different taste)
My saying still […]

Irish Craft Christmas Fair

Christmas Craft Fair
An opportunity has come up to run a craft fair for the month of December.
The location has quarter of a million residences in a five mile radius. It is in a big empty shop across from Smyths toy store in Tallaght. There are twenty, three meter spaces in the windows and […]


In the next month I will be listing:
TECH TIPS will be happening all the time…if you want to stay under that rock, that’s fine but check out the tech tips in the categories section. It will show you how to, in easy steps, including a video! Can he make it any easier???
Christmas Fairs, all […]

Adding your Event to Irish Craft Update

You can add your upcoming craft event to this blog by adding it to All you need to do is sign up with this website and add the event. Once the event is added, you need to join the group called ‘Irish Craft Update’ and assign your event to that group. I’ve done these […]

Karen Harper - editor of Irish Craft Update

I’m Karen Harper, editor of NOTICEBOARD craft newsletter, Irish Jewellery Designer, teacher of Wire-work jewellery, Interior Designer, Mum and full time student at the school of Life!
Over the last three months I have been emailing NOTICEBOARD, a newsletter about fairs and exhibitions in Ireland, good suppliers and courses, to all the artists and crafts people […]

How to use this blog

I’m Paul O Mahony, the guy who set up this blog for Karen. I just thought, I might let you know about some of the features of the blog, in case you are not that familiar with blogging. Here is a video explanation of commenting on blogs(brought to you by snifles video productions):
How to […]