Adding your Event to Irish Craft Update

You can add your upcoming craft event to this blog by adding it to All you need to do is sign up with this website and add the event. Once the event is added, you need to join the group called ‘Irish Craft Update’ and assign your event to that group. I’ve done these 2 short videos to show you how to this, in case you are having difficulties.

How to add a craft event to and how to join the Irish Craft Update group

How to send your event to the Irish Craft Update group and how to make the event appear on this blog

Adding your event to Upcoming makes sense as many people use this website to look up events. Also many websites pull events from this website, as we are doing in this blog.

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#1 Lisa Taylor on 11.20.07 at 7:55 pm

Nice site, Karen. Good luck with the blog and site! You and your “crafty” friends are welcome to stop by my website to see what we are doing here in Donegal.

I gave a presentation on quilts (we call them “trunk shows” in the USA) to the Dungloe ICA the other night, and it was very well received! I can present these programmes and / or teach classes in quilting to any interested parties. Have them check with me for prices and availability.

I am also teaching quilting classes for Pauline Openneer’s Irish Country Quilting in Dunfanaghy. See her website for information:

Best regards,

Lisa Taylor

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