Blogging..I just didn’t get it!

Posted on September 26, 2021
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When this blog thing began in my life, I though what’s the point! I am not a money driven business person, so I wasn’t looking where the profit could be made…but I just didn’t get it!

ANYWAY, now I feel that if I just had ten minutes I could shut the work room door and wander along with Sallysgardens ,
and be shocked the kittens had grown so quickly, or think one minute aren’t though pigs just bazaar and scroll down to see sausages as the next post.

To sit and watch balancing point, a 6 minute long video on Pauls blog, where the whole thing is played backwards, and has an amazing effect….

I have to tell you I am addicted!!

I got a card from my daughter the other day, the usual six year old card, more glitter and glue on it then paper, and splat in the middle….a computer sticker…oops!

Life sometimes kicks you where it hurts to get your priorities right… so I sat her on my knee and showed her how to play blogging!!!

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