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Posted on September 30, 2021
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Irish Craft Update is up an running now. We have made some posts. The question is now, how do we get visitors to the site.

Well we are already getting about 20 to 30 unique visitors each day as a result of certain things we have done. We have let other craft bloggers know about our launch and they have linked to us. Because these were international blogs with high readership, we have managed to improve our google ranking. This means that when you search for the term ‘irish craft’ in Google, we are now appearing on page 2 of the search results. Two weeks ago we were appearing on page 8 of the google search results. Now that we are closer to the top of the search results, we are starting to get visits from people searching on google as well as from the craft blogs which have linked to us.

Next step is to enter our blog in as many search directories as possible. Any artist who has a website should make sure they are entered in plenty of search directories. The traffic you may get from these search directories may be small, but they are valuable for the links they give you. The more links coming into your website, the higher you are likely to appear in google search results.

So here is a fairly comprehensive list of Irish Search directories:

Index Ireland
Global Irish
TotalIreland (doesn’t seem to be accepting new links though)
NiceOne (not working at the moment)
Mirago (sign up fee involved)
Purple Pages
Discover Ireland
Open Directory

And remember that even if the traffic you get from these directories is small, it will be quality traffic. Why? Because they have come to your site from a category that they are interested in e.g. arts and crafts category.

If anybody knows of other search directories, please let us know in the comments.

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