NOTICEBOARD - issue 11

NOTICEBOARD - issue 11 –

Welcome to issue 11.

This issue I am going to keep it short!!!!

From now on the blog is going to carry a lot of the past information for me.

If there is something you read about before then it will be on the blog under the appropriate heading and you can then reference it easily.
Plus I can also have a link directly to the things that I mention. So if it is blue on the blog you can press on it and it will bring you straight to the correct area you need.

Firstly, I would like to draw your attention to the Irish craft update blog…the recent post

“Tell me what you want”

Offers you the chance to decide what’s next with NOTICEBOARD.

Any comments can be given, and all are appreciated, if you want them to be kept anonymous then please let me know.

You can email me directly :



The first day of the course went extremely well and instead of me explaining what happened, I will just post the comment that I made after it…

“The first day of the course was exactly what I needed. Firstly it narrowed down my thoughts, which were very scattered and gave me a tunnel vision of my real business aim.

The technique that David gave us was so simple to see if our business was financially viable, and after laughing with the results, I have opted for a better solution than working 520 days a year to reach my financial goal!!

Once my true goal was made clear it just fit into place when I discovered my true passion, or my essence was, and that is what will keep my attention and interest into the next phase of my work.

At no stage did I feel abandoned, even through the “oh, sh*t!” moments, and there were a few. This was a great way to express the moment of realisation, when things become crystal clear and you just sit back and laugh because something so serious before becomes a small, non-problem.

It was a totally different way of thinking and instead of deciding what is needed out there, it is an inspiring way to decide what do I love and how can I make a business out of it. Not only did I finally admit, yes this is my dream, but I also got to follow through to how it can be my career.

After having mentor meetings before, and the work load is heavy afterwards, with this one day workshop I felt that the hard work was all done inside the room, so afterwards I came away exhausted but very satisfied. I have just broken free from the running around and trying to keep a busy schedule that was my job in the past.

On the day I just stepped into my new career, that was very manageable and will work with ease since it is very much part of the person that I am. When you do something you love it cannot be called a job, it is like you are cheating. You get up everyday and are excited about what is ahead. Deep down I feel that it is a shame everyone cannot feel this….although it is a choice!

Even after the first session things have changed dramatically. The day after, Monday, I went to notify the people that I had been supplying that it was not really working for me. And obviously with the right approach that I went with, they were fantastic about it.

On the way home I called into three different places and I have myself booked into teach in these premises. That evening I got an email from someone asking me to teach a class, and things haven’t stopped from there!

When it feels right, then it just falls into place. Once I realised what I really wanted to be doing with my career and as long as I followed my own passion it has been the easiest decision I have made in a long time.

Thanks David….I am still wondering how you know so much, no matter what people spoke about, you knew about it and even had a story to tell to give an example.

It was great to sit back and see other people sort out their passion, then career and then see the change come over them as they play out how they want their career to go and realise that if they thought of it then there is nothing that can stop them.

It was good to learn from others, even though you could see where things were heading, the process that they took was very interesting.

With this different approach I am really looking forward to the next session, already I have started using the techniques from the day and can actually sit back since things are running smoother already. I have even taken two days off this week!!!!”

Karen Harper…after course 1, making money from your passion.



The business course for the creative person.

Each day is a course in its own, they can be done separately.

Day 2 is being held on November 4th

Day 2 will be about
- Working out who your ideal client is
- Putting things in place to begin to attract this client to you
- Streamlining your business and using effective systems

Identifying your ideal client will be the first step, and then organising your business around your ideal client and saving time trying to sell to everyone.

On this day you will come away with written material to entice and attract your client….as if you were writing to them alone.

Streamlining your business can save you money, energy and most importantly time!

To find out more about the course or about David McDermott use the link below:

Booking can be done by emailing me directly at
Or through



The whole reason you go into business for yourself is to enjoy the freedom it gives you and when you are doing the ‘70 hour a week’ self-employed job the fun is kind of taken out of it!

Taking back control, feeling renewed and excited about the move forward, when you can see it clearly, is just a huge weight off your shoulders.

Also having the support behind you as you plough forward alone, is great.

I always say when working on your own the Christmas party is a bit lonely, the advantage is that you can’t get drunk and snog the boss!



Mullingar Park Hotel, Mullingar
21st November 2007

For further information or to book your place
email :
Ph: 01 289 8533

This event is for anyone thinking of starting a business or growing your current business.

It is hosted by County and City Enterprise Boards and will have a host of international and national speakers, one to one mentoring sessions and access to information for all businesses.

If you contact your enterprise Board in you area it is worth seeing if they are having transport to the event, some enterprise boards are actually paying for accommodation for the night before so people can avail of the evening reception the day before Tues 20th Nov.

Participation fee : 50 Euro

To find your nearest enterprise board click on the link below:

If you do go, it would be good to see you among the hundreds of others, but I am sure we will have name badges, so feel free to say hello!



The Knitting and Stitching Show will be staged from
Thursday 1st November - Sunday 4th November.

Opening hours are 10.00am through to 5.30pm

Except Sunday when the Show closes at 5.00pm.
Late Night Opening on Thursday to 8.00pm.

There are a huge amount of workshops available at this show on each day.
For further details visit



If you want to try something different or even get someone trained in so they can help you out with the Christmas rush, there are classes available in Wire-work Jewellery Making.

Starting: Thursday 1st November
Time: 10.30am – 1pm
Place: Dunlaoire
Cost : 135 Euro
Duration : 4 Weeks

Starting: Tuesday 6th November
Time: 9:30am – 12
Place: Johnstown, near Killiney
Cost: 135 Euro
Duration: 4 weeks

All materials supplied and you will finish with at least 8 pieces of silver and gemstone jewellery.

One day workshop:

Place: Dalkey
Time: 10am – 5pm
Date: 8th December07
Cost: 120

Making at least 8 pieces of silver and gemstone jewellery.

During all these classes you will become very familiar with the tools and techniques, even if you have never made a single piece of jewellery before.

After the session you will be able to fix almost any piece of jewellery and will have a skill to start a new venture or help with the one you are already involved in.

If these dates or places do not suit, email your interest and other venues can be arranged.

Call 086 888 5321

A lovely gift for a talented person that needs encouragement



Being creative is all about what mood you are in and what is happening at that time.

Lately I read in two different places the best way to keep the creative juices flowing is to do something completely different. I would quote the ideas but can’t remember where I saw them…it was something like a jewellery designer could make a piece of sculpture, a potter could sew and a painter could…
Anyway you get the drift, it is very liberating!! Especially when you are used to sheets of silver and tools, the playtime of paint is so relaxing and free flowing. (No offence to the wonderful skill that artists have!)


This week in Lidl they are selling Easels, paints, canvas in rolls etc!



K and M Evans
Art suppliers ph: 01 8726855

This wholesaler has got everything for the artist, and the people willing to try!

The ranges and shapes of canvas and the amount of paint and brushes would have anyone itching to give painting a go…check out the blog for my attempt at a quick stress release!

Please remember that I am not an artist, but am willing to expand my creativity, also am up for a laugh with no shame!



I would like your feedback:

• Are you a jewellery designer?
The federation of Jewellery Manufacturers of Ireland has been asked by me to set up a section for the jewellery designers that are not interested ready for international selling but are interested in building their business.

• What would you see as a necessity to help your business grow?

• Would you prefer a newsletter or is using the blog a good idea?

• In the future would you like to see NOTICEBOARD become a magazine?

• Would you like to be featured on a website, that has all types of craft and art, suppliers and courses and links to all associations/guilds and societies?

• How much easier would this make things for you?


Your feedback is really what will make these things happen!

I am asking for a couple of minutes of your time, which will change things, AND save you time in the end!

While things are fresh in your head, please feel free to express how you feel!

Thanks for your opinions!

Karen Harper


Websites of interest: Call the Craft Council on 056 7761804 Visual Artists Ireland (full information about VAI on the blog under associations) information about craft events, suppliers, associations, courses, artists and crafts people.

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