You are the best at what you do!

Dear Reader
Being Irish, a great trait we have is looking down on our product and belittling it bashfully.

All too often we hide behind the couch, or deny how good your work is….it’s time to stand up, accept recognition and back up other crafts around you.
Critise all you want , but as my saying goes;
‘Your taste is like you bottom, it suits you and you alone, perfectly!’

If you are to go to a craft fair in Ireland the competition is incredible, and that is just between the different stalls. Maybe looking at the world around us we can learn things more quickly, like if you have a collection of any items it draws more people to look at it, i.e. food halls, Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, Chelsea Flower Show.  There is strength in numbers, gather other peoples contact details and set up shows together.

As the owner of Golems Precious says, “you are the best at what you do!”
My jewellery will never be a quirky as Alan Ardiffs, nor my pieces finish to perfection as Maureen Lynch or Paul Coleman, I don’t have the distinct style of Erika Marks and my use of stones as adventerous as Geraldine Murphy, but I am the best at what I do!

So if you have ever got a compliment, sold a piece or are even making a living out of your craft…If you are not ready to pat yourself on your back, at least venture a smug grin, and realise you are the best at what you do!


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#1 Lynn Durie on 09.20.09 at 1:03 pm

What a great little article. Just the encouragement I needed at this time! Thanks

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