Learn something new today! Get a website/blog in 10 minutes…

The struggling Artist and Crafts person has the world at their doorstep!

You can’t be great at everything, but the option to be, is out there.
After attending a CCoI and eBay seminar at Collins Barracks, it has turned my way of thinking. If there are 241 million registered eBay users and that is not including all those that shop out of Etsy and other on-line craft stores, then the options are in front of us to be extremely good at our craft and let the experts look after our sales, marketing and advertising.
A little knowledge goes a long way, so grabbing a computer whiz - usually the nearest 15 year old, can open up a whole new world.  

Information is never wasted; learn the basics and it opens up all the opportunities you can imagine.


Through the many crafts people and artists I have come across, there would be about 10% that have no email address, and have no knowledge of blogging, and wouldn’t know where to start selling online.  Having no business card is a complete disaster altogether!

Free business cards   www.vistaprint.com   or www.moo.com

In business nowadays people expect you to have a website, so they can browse your products at their leisure (late at night in their pyjamas), check your prices (compared to the competition) and it also shows how serious you are about your business….a clear website and easy reading is always favoured.
With a website/blog, Artists and Crafts people can have your products displayed, contact information posted, how to purchase your items, where you are selling your items from, your latest designs/offers/exhibition ….24hours a day to the whole world.

Free blog sites through  www.wordpress.com  www.typepad.com    www.blogger.com  Finding the right person with know how and some computer skills; makes a lonely crafts person into a super entrepreneur!

So there can be no complaining about bad sales or slow times, get introduced to a computer, the world market is out there, grab a piece of it!


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