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Karen Harper, Killiney, Co Dublin

You can contact me directly by email  karen.noticeboard@gmail.com  or     call   086 8885321

I have taken it upon myself to start a craft news blog. In it I will include anything of interest to the Irish craftsperson. It is where you can find out about exhibitions, fairs, good places to source things and advertise YOUR business, or even new stock ranges.
It is an independent venture so I will appreciate any information that anyone wants to know or get known (any good rumours too!)
This is the maiden voyage of Irish Craft Update, it has great potential. Use it to your advantage. So I ask you, if you want something published please give me notice. I may be working from home in my pyjamas with a cup of tea and choc biscuit to hand, but I have a busy schedule so first come, first served, unless its boring!

Just to let you know that bad spelling is guaranteed and grammar mistakes are a given, but it really is to get the information out there. All the witty comments and interesting facts are on the way as you contribute them… I am waiting…

I am always open to new ideas

Karen Harper


Irish craft update

This blog is from an Irish craft person to provide basic information about fairs, good suppliers, easy help to use the internet to your advantage. Showing you how it is a cheap, and simple way to have a web presence, especially when you are not technically minded.

Irish Craft Update, does the searching for you through the millions of areas of craft. How to build your craft business is the aim, and give you time saving information about fairs, good suppliers, classes/courses. A free way to advertise yourself. Actions speak louder than words, so if you are interested in growing your business, there are endless opportunities through this site.

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