Rushwork information needed….any help ??


Greetings from Finland!

We are having a small project about how to find old and new ways to use common bulrush (Schoenoplectus lacustris).

The project is ran by our village, Mankila, small village near Oulu in Northern Finland with lake that has lots of bulrush and we haven’t been so happy about it. This is why we want to find positive ways of thinking and using it.

Our project is ending at the end of December, so I would appreciate if You have some information for me soon.

I was happy to find some old video about rushwork (collecting, storing, weaving) from YouTube, and in the same video there was the information that in Ireland you’ve used to have rush boats also! This is very interesting, since we have been planning to make our own boat, inspired by Thor Heyerdahl. In this video, there was Irish name for the boat, but sorry to say, I couldn’t really catch it. How would you spell it?  (” Glee Holloga”? / “flood draft”?)

This is surprising, I’ve learned that there are rush boats in Iraq, Etiopia, and also in Sisily, Italy. But I haven’t seen any information about Irish boats.

-Where could I find more information of Irish rushwork, and specially boat making?

Do you know if there is still know-how to make a boat?

In Finland it is becoming quite rare skill (to harvest, store and weave bulrush), and only few people do rushwork products for sale. Still people are very curious about the material.

I’m looking forward hearing from you,

and keeping my fingers crossed. Please forward this message to anyone who knows about the topic.



Johanna Riepula

Project Manager

Kaislaa-esiselvitys /”Bulrush -project” 

Mankilan Kyläseura / Mankila Village Council

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