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7) Hervé deWergifosse - wood

Hervé de Wergifosse
Visit www.wergiwood.com
Email: info@wergiwood.com

Ph.: 353-1-4583629 -

Handcarved Wooden Bowl

This bowl gives all the warmth of wood, the comfort feel that a natural object gives you, and never lets you forget it is still part of nature.



Artist Statement

Hervé de Wergifosse believes that, if we are not responsible for past history, we are responsible for history in the making.

This approach motivates the woodturner when he creates new pieces emerging from 100, 200 or 300 years old fell trees.

Natural elements have fashioned the timber’s colour, grain and texture. Hervé de Wergifosse’s gouges are using these features to their best advantage to create unique pieces of work to be enjoyed for many more years.


Lamps symbolize a light of hope as they emerge from a 300 years old yew tree from Kilmacanogue, whose destiny was uncertain.

The “shields” series reflects the struggles through life. We try to protect and defend ourselves against the aggressions. Some emerge with less marks and scars, but no one remains unscathed.

The serrated rough edges of the burr bowls are the results of a tree’s fight for survival against the elements. The amazing grain and texture at the heart of the vessels symbolizes the beauty hidden within us all, each one unique.


This is my final piece of Irish Craft that I will display.
I get the same feeling from this big chunky bowl as I do from a large bar of Cadbury’s chocolate., my mouth waters!

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6) Susan Crawford - Jewellery

Susan Crawford - Jewellery


Silver Brooch

This silver brooch just slides through the cloth to give a stunning show piece.

Beautifully designed and a gorgeous matching range. Square rings and bangles, especially for that special occasion!

Artists Statement

I used the element of water as the design inspiration for these pieces, which are from of an early body of work. I wanted to capture and mirror the movement and fluidity of water in a solid material. Currently I am working creating a new collection as well as some new designs for a few ‘One off’ pieces. Some of which still incorporate the same visual theme and inspiration.




Email:   sp_crawford@hotmail.com

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5) Paul Coleman - Pol Jewellery

Paul Coleman

E-Mail: paul@pol.ie
Web: www.pol.ie


Paul has been a professional artist for over twenty years. His work has been exhibited all over the world including the U.S.A and Japan. He studied Sculpture at the Crawford College of Art and design but his artistic practice also encompasses painting and design.
He has always been making wearable art but decided to take it a little more seriously about four years ago and began making art in silver under the name Pól. Each piece contains a unique hand made miniature painting on canvas encased in glass and presented in a hand made sterling silver frame. This combines Paul’s love of sculpture and and the use of colour in painting.


I came across Pauls work again in Dalkey art gallery, and my reaction was the same, I just wanted to eat one!

Bite size pieces of jewellery, good enough to eat. Beautiful finish on a unique work of art!

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4) Richard Mettler - Painter

Richard Mettler
Email: mettler@oceanfree.net


There are two painters that I love, Dali and Richard Mettler. And lucky for me Richard is an Irish based painter so he was naturally on the list.



Artists Statement

Richard Mettler is a New York City artist who has resided in Ireland for 11 years. Richard, an abstract expressionist, studied under the expert guidance
of respected New York artists Robert Beauchamp and Stephen Greene at the Art
Students League. He took a side trip into surrealism for 10 years after
studying with Arnold Mesches at New York University. Mettler’s distinctive
style has flowing liquids merging on the canvas with a the white background
showing as part of the composition, a style influenced by his most dominant
influence, Paul Jenkins.

Richards work can be bought directly from him by contacting him through his email address.



When looking for my 7 pieces I came up with Richards work immediately.

The strong vivid colours could never be replicated in a photo or even on the web.

He kindly came to my home and let me take this picture. I am no expert but I couldn’t do it justice. And I hope you realise that there were many photos taken to get you this.

Hopefully in the future I will be featuring more of his work, if you are interested in seeing more, please email Richard personally.

Richard will soon have his blog up and running and I will have a link to his work. Watch under the Irish Links for Richards name and you can then view more of his work. An on-line shop will then be put in place to buy directly through the blog!

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Website: www.patrickbarrysculpture.com
Email: info@patrickbarrysculpture.com

The poetess and her beads of wisdom

The poetess and her beads of wisdom relates to the spoken, written
word. The jewels of language woven together, encapsulated within the
beads of wisdom,put together to form a symphony of words.


My work relates to the human experience – be that the human form, figure, energy and experience.
The material I use is mainly Kilkenny Limestone, the tones in this stone go from blue grey to a highly polished black. At times this contrast may play an integral part in the composition of a piece.
This fresh new art form accentuates the relationship of the sculpting to drawing. My sculptures bring forth the vivid contrasts in stone in its natural state to create a three – dimensional drawing encapsulated within the sculptural form. The distinction is that this material isn’t formed by adding but by taking away.

Nov 2007 Participating in forthcoming Dublin RDS Art Fair (Nov 16th – 18th).

Aug 2007 Selected for World Mercy Fund Auction.
May 2006 Nominated to exhibit as part of the Florence Biennale ’07, Florence, Italy
Sept 2006 Cork Art Fair, City Hall, Cork City
Jan 2006 RTE Nationwide Feature. (Ref DVD sent via post)

Commissions – Public & Private

2005 Commission for Ballylanders Community, Limerick County Council (GAA Themed
2006 Water Feature, Commissioned by Blackwater Motors, Fermoy, Co. Cork

Looking through Patricks website, you get a sense that there is so much more to these sculptures than meet the eye. To look at them they are beautiful, to understand them they are breath taking.

I am still intrigued to think these were once big lumps of stone, and locked inside is this thing of beauty and age old wisdom.

It is worth looking through the website to see midnight wave seeking and reclining (if you ever wanted to see what stone would look like if someone was to pour it like wax!). Each sculpture has a story behind it which gives each piece life.

A combination of previous & current works can be viewed on www.patrickbarrysculpture.com

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2) Ruzica Ruane - Glass Beads

Ruzica Ruane

Hand blown Glass Vessel





Two years ago I was introduced by my friend to the most exciting art, art of
Glass Beadmaking using propane and oxygen torch.
The fun part of Beadmaking is exploring, experimenting and combining
different techniques. The magical flow of glass, beautiful colors, and
transparency always amazed me.The inspiration for my glass beads and blown
vessels comes mainly from experimenting and exploring this magical
material.I specialize in one off commissions for my clients.
I would like to share the knowledge and love of Glass Beadmaking with people
who are interested in this ancient craft.

I am offering different workshops. Please visit my website.
Ruzica Ruane


Seeing this little 3.5cm vessel you don’t realise it takes an hour to make and six hours in a kiln to cool down to room temperature. This process
is necessary to ensure the bead is annealed and thus the glass is free of
internal stresses. The necklace itself took about ten hours to make, Ruzica is passionate about every bead, and after spending so much time tending to each one it is no wonder!

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1) Ed Parkinson - Digital Art

Ed Parkinson

Being a big fan of Terry Prachett, it was only natural I was attracted to this picture.

Artists statement

My work generally deals with our inner selves, our dreams and our spiritual thoughts.

My current medium is painting using a computer (digital art). I use a combination of photographs and painting to produce my pictures. The use of photographs and realistic imagery help people grasp the concepts easily. They don’t have to work out any visual language, as may occur if I used acrylics or watercolours, and can devote the time viewing a picture and seeing the story or concept it presents.

I try to offer a view from a different angle which hopefully gives an insight the viewer hadn’t considered before, or else confirms a concept they had trouble visualising. If a person can see a different viewpoint, get an insight they were unaware of previously or come to a better understanding of a subject, then it has been worthwhile creating that piece.



You can see other works by Ed Parkinson by clicking on his link ‘Ed the Artist’ on the Irish Links on this blog.

All of Ed’s work can be seen on his website and it is most interesting to read the words that accompany each image.


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7 pieces of Irish Craft

7 pieces of Irish Craft

7 Irish pieces of art/craft are going to be displayed over the next few days.
The producers of these pieces have been asked by me, personally, to display a piece of their work.

The whole idea of this is to see if blogging can be an excellent way to advertise your work, and have a web presence if you do not already have a website.
These pieces may be available to buy through the designers own website, or by contacting them directly.

The main thing is to prove that this is a good, inexpensive way to have your work available for the world to see!!

The results of the project will be seen after two weeks. It will be monitored under the following headings:
Was there more traffic to the persons website? Was there direct contact? And ultimately was there any sales from the exposure?

The creative minds of these people will be putting together a little about the piece or themselves and using blogging to its fullest, letting you know a little background information!

Over the next 7 days I will be presenting…
7 pieces of Irish Craft



At the end of October the offer from Paul O Mahoney will end and his 10 artists/crafts people will be selected to have a blog site built for them. The 10 designers will then be able to display their work and update the site as often as they want. All thanks to Paul who will give them all the tools to do this with ease.

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