Glen of the Downs Craft Centre, Wicklow- Needs urgent support -

There is an eight acre garden centre site very close to the Glen of the Downs Nature Reserve.

The garden centre is somewhat dated and they have experienced numerous robberies due to its isolated location and the fact that they cannot obtain planning permission to build a security house. It is run by Paul Sexton who is 78 years old.
The garden centre needs to be re-designed and improved.
Senan Sexton, son of Paul has been working on a vision for the site for some nine years now. The vision includes an Interpretative Centre for the Glen of the Downs Natures Reserve, an improved garden centre and a dedicated Arts & Craft Centre.

The Interpretative Centre will be built by them and long leased to a not for profit organisation at €1 a year.
“We have submitted a planning application for this; Ref. 08/1137. It was refused which we cannot believe as this project is very pro community, green and innovative.

Part of the reasoning is that we have not shown sufficient viability for the Arts & Craft building.
I am wondering whether you would be interested in assisting us. We need to put a group of interested arts & craft parties together as some form of structured co-op to persuade the Council of the viability of the project.” Senan Sexton


Please show your support to get this centre started. The County Council want to see letters of support and want it proved that the craft centre would be viable!

It is not committing to anything but please speak up if you think a dedicated craft centre with at least 14 craft studios, teaching rooms and craft shop is a good idea…. it would take 5 minutes. Without support, planning permission will not be granted. The space is excellent, will have parking and is on the N11.

Please pass this email to everyone you think will benefit from a craft centre for selling, teaching, making crafts.

Email your letter of support to Senan Sexton at

If you are part of a guild, society or association please pass it on,  the more support the better. It would be great to have letters from guilds etc and the Craft Council of Ireland have written their letter of support too.

Letters can also be mailed to Paul Sexton, Garden Centre, Glen of the Downs, Co Wicklow

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#2 Keith O'Bradaigh on 07.30.09 at 7:57 am

I was one of the people that occupied the Glen back in 1997-2000. I think this idea you have is a wonderful one. There is so much that can be done in the Glen area esp. education on the Glen National Nature Reserve. Duchas dont seem to give a care for the area. Let me know whats happening with what you are planning. Yours Keith O’Bradaigh.

#3 Sammy Meredith on 12.29.11 at 12:06 am

Hello, I have been looking around for a craft centre, and would love to be part of one.That is my dream.
I would do anything to support a craft centre.What can I do to help?
Kind regards,
Sammy Meredith

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