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Paul Coleman

E-Mail: paul@pol.ie
Web: www.pol.ie


Paul has been a professional artist for over twenty years. His work has been exhibited all over the world including the U.S.A and Japan. He studied Sculpture at the Crawford College of Art and design but his artistic practice also encompasses painting and design.
He has always been making wearable art but decided to take it a little more seriously about four years ago and began making art in silver under the name Pól. Each piece contains a unique hand made miniature painting on canvas encased in glass and presented in a hand made sterling silver frame. This combines Paul’s love of sculpture and and the use of colour in painting.


I came across Pauls work again in Dalkey art gallery, and my reaction was the same, I just wanted to eat one!

Bite size pieces of jewellery, good enough to eat. Beautiful finish on a unique work of art!

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#1 Maryam in Marrakesh on 10.12.07 at 12:09 am

Very cool, slick and modern. I could see wearing all white and wearing one these pieces. So chic.

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