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Ed Parkinson

Being a big fan of Terry Prachett, it was only natural I was attracted to this picture.

Artists statement

My work generally deals with our inner selves, our dreams and our spiritual thoughts.

My current medium is painting using a computer (digital art). I use a combination of photographs and painting to produce my pictures. The use of photographs and realistic imagery help people grasp the concepts easily. They don’t have to work out any visual language, as may occur if I used acrylics or watercolours, and can devote the time viewing a picture and seeing the story or concept it presents.

I try to offer a view from a different angle which hopefully gives an insight the viewer hadn’t considered before, or else confirms a concept they had trouble visualising. If a person can see a different viewpoint, get an insight they were unaware of previously or come to a better understanding of a subject, then it has been worthwhile creating that piece.



You can see other works by Ed Parkinson by clicking on his link ‘Ed the Artist’ on the Irish Links on this blog.

All of Ed’s work can be seen on his website and it is most interesting to read the words that accompany each image.


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#1 Ed P on 10.11.07 at 11:56 pm

Hi Karen,

Thanks for including this on your blog. Well done on getting your blog to where it is now. It looks really professional and cool.
Good on ya.


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