Blogs to serve the Craft world in Ireland

Things are changing around here!
Firstly the look of this blog is now in the branding colours. I am a huge fan of Red, and need things to be easy to find and crystal clear.

Yesterday I was delighted to attend the Business Blogging course run by Wicklow Enterprise Board. As always it was an excellent course and helped along with a very well known blogger Damien Mulley. Damien is a very well known blogger, who is master on most subjects, has set up the Irish blog awards and will be writing for a major paper (simply because of the way he writes on his blog!)

As the day progressed I decided to open a blog especially for Noticeboard so all the issues will be in one place. (I am constantly asked can people look up Noticeboard on the web)

Also Crafts in Ireland is going live with different sections in it so if you have
a question, comment or good advice you can make a comment and I
will post it on the blog for you.

These blogs are under construction but are live as we speak.
If you would like them to serve a particular purpose, feel
free to leave a comment and I will see what I can come up with.

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#1 Deborah on 11.11.07 at 1:06 pm

Was referred here by Damien last week. Great idea. I am a little confused though. There are now three different blogs and I can’t really ascertain the difference between them all. Is this one for the Craft Association? Thanks!

#2 Karen on 11.11.07 at 2:55 pm

Hi Deborah,
Thank you for your feedback.
Irish Craft Update is going to have all the information about Noticeboard and the Irish Craft Association in it.

The blog for Noticeboard will just have all the past issues on it for easy reference.

The Website for the Irish Craft Association is under construction. It will have a database of members, stall holders, suppliers and services to the craft industry that are all members.
All the events and services of the Irish Craft Association will be put through Irish Craft Update (ICU), so this is the main blog for information. Have linked to your blog, gorgeous recipies!

#3 Colm Mc Cann on 04.13.11 at 6:38 pm

Hi Karen,
Can you advise me about the usefulness of blogging within the Irish Craft sector?

#4 Karen on 04.23.11 at 10:34 am

Hi Colm
Firstly blogs are free, free, free…they can be updated as easily as an email and they can be updated….did I mention they can be updated…people keep coming back to your site if they know that there will be more things to see in the future.
People love special offers, discounts, new seasons products, new ranges by their favourite designers….people like news..there is a massive industry just updating people on whats new. If you are not pleasing your customers and keeping them interested…they will go elsewhere.
Also new ideas, developing ideas should always be shown, customers like to see you work, it is obvious when a demonstration is happening, people crowd around, I will not use the word nosey but curious!!
Blogs are so simple to set up, there are free templates and you can add your own images, pages, posts, links…all free. No designer needed, no fees to pay everytime you want to add something. Independance and flexibility…what more could you ask for!

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